Social Security and Medicare

We must preserve, protect, and strengthen these lifelines.

Social Security and Medicare

I won't cut Social Security. ... I'll defend it, and I'll expand it.

Hillary, February 5, 2016

Throughout her career, Hillary has stood up for Medicare and Social Security. She is committed to preserving, protecting, and strengthening these lifelines for today’s seniors and for future generations.

Social Security

For 80 years, Social Security has been America at its best. Social Security reflects our shared belief that every American should be able to retire with dignity after decades of hard work. That no American should face poverty because he or she is disabled, or when a loved one dies. That we all have an obligation to each other.

Social Security isn’t just a program—it’s a promise. As president, Hillary will:


Medicare is the bedrock of health care coverage for more than 50 million American seniors and people with disabilities. As senator, Hillary co-sponsored and sponsored bills to reduce the impact of the Medicare prescription drug gap by reducing the price of pharmaceuticals for seniors.

As president, Hillary will:

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