1. From the trail

    The New College Compact

    Cost won't be a barrier to college and debt won't hold Americans back. Take the quiz to learn how Hillary's plan will help you.

  2. From the trail

    Hillary's economic plan: raise middle class incomes

    In a speech in New York, Hillary laid out her vision for a strong, growing economy that works for everyone.

  3. From the trail

    Race still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in America and who gets left behind

    In a speech to the National Urban League, Hillary talks about her commitment to taking on systemic racial inequities and bringing down barriers.

  4. From the trail

    "I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform."

    At a roundtable discussion at Rancho High School in Nevada, Hillary Clinton had a conversation with DREAMers about her commitment to fighting for young people and their families.

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