Campaign finance reform

Note: This page is a reproduction of the Hillary for America policy proposal on campaign finance reform. 

Americans are understandably cynical about a political system that has been hijacked by billionaires and special interests. That’s why Hillary Clinton is putting forward a plan for aggressive campaign finance reform. She’ll work to curb the outsized influence of big money in American politics, shine a light on secret spending, and fight to make our democracy work for everyone—not just the wealthy and well-connected.

As president, Hillary will:

  • Overturn Citizens Unitedthe Supreme Court case that unleashed hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate and special-interest money into U.S. elections.Hillary will appoint Supreme Court justices who will protect Americans’ right to vote over the right of billionaires to buy elections. She will also propose a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United within her first 30 days in office.
  • End secret, unaccountable money in politics. We need federal legislation to require outside groups to publicly disclose significant political spending. And until Congress acts, Hillary will sign an executive order requiring federal government contractors to do the same. She’ll also push for an SEC rule requiring publicly traded companies to disclose political spending to shareholders.
  • Amplify the voices of everyday Americans. Hillary will establish a small-donor matching system for presidential and congressional elections to give small donors greater influence.