Addiction and substance use

Through improved treatment, prevention, and training, we can end this quiet epidemic once and for all.

Addiction and substance use

We’re not just now ‘discovering’ this problem. But we should be saying enough is enough. It’s time we recognize as a nation that for too long, we have had a quiet epidemic on our hands. Plain and simple, drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, not a moral failing—and we must treat it as such.

Hillary, September 2, 2015

Nearly 23 million Americans suffer from a substance use disorder, yet only about one in 10 receive treatment. Addiction and substance use disorders touch the lives of people in big cities and small towns, across every income level. We can’t arrest or incarcerate our way out of it—we need a new approach. That’s why Hillary Clinton is proposing a bold plan to prevent and treat addiction, support people in recovery, and take on this epidemic once and for all. Hillary will launch a $7.5 billion fund to support new federal-state partnerships that empower local leaders to implement programs that work for their communities.

As president, Hillary will focus on:

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