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    Hillary's economic plan: raise middle-class incomes

    Hillary has a plan to build a strong, growing economy that works for everyone—and it starts with raising incomes for hardworking Americans.

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    112 reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton

    And counting!

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    Seven of Hillary's biggest accomplishments

    Helping to expand health coverage for millions of kids, standing up for women’s rights on the world stage, helping 9/11 first responders … and that’s just the beginning.

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    What President Obama’s legacy means to me

    Hillary lays out the tremendous progress we’ve made under President Obama—and what’s at stake in the next election.

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    Why Hillary is the "single best changemaker" President Clinton has ever met

    "I could keep you here until tomorrow morning telling you these stories."

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    3 things you should know about Hillary's plan to defeat ISIS

    We can defeat global terrorism—but only if we don’t let fear drive our response.