Here’s how we win — we need to have one-on-one conversations with every voter if we’re going to put Hillary in the White House.

From a field office

I have … So I will …

A few hours

Knock on doors in your neighborhood.

Pick a time

An hour

Meet your organizer for a one-on-one.

I’m interested

A few minutes

Leave treats at a local field office.

Find my office


From your home

I have … So I will …

A few weeks

Provide housing for an organizer or supporter.

Learn more

A day

Host a grassroots fundraising event.

Get started

A few hours

Host a free volunteer event.

Get started


From anywhere

I have … So I will …

An hour

Join a volunteer training call.

Pick a date

20 min

Talk to voters on the phone.

I’m ready

10 min.

Find your friends on Facebook.


5 min.

Do your part right at your fingertips.

Download the app

2 min.

Send a thank you note to another volunteer.

I’m in

1 min.

Set a new election homepage.

Get started

No time

No time to volunteer.

Chip in today