With her

What’s it like to be on the road to history? Running for president is a big deal, but on With her, you’ll hear from Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, their supporters, and staff about the little details from the campaign trail they’ll never forget.

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Hillary Clinton grinning widely against a dark background.

Episode 11: “How are you feeling, Hillary?”

Right before Election Day, Max and Hillary sat down to talk about election anxiety, what Hillary’s mom would make of this moment—and of course, Beyoncé. Listen—then get out and vote on Tuesday.

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Episode 10: “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through”

On Saturday, Max joined Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton’s communications director, on the trail to talk about the challenges of this election—and the challenging path Hillary has been on her whole career.

Episode 9: “No one knows what this is supposed to look like”

Before boarding a flight, Nick Merrill, Hillary Clinton’s traveling press secretary, talks to Max about the role of press, questions of authenticity, and how Hillary has changed during the race.

Episode 8: “You need to vote in this election”

Marlon Marshall, Hillary Clinton’s director of state campaigns, reassures Max about the campaign’s ground game—how important it is to turn out every single voter, but also organizing the field for the future.

Bonus Episode: Wellesley, 1969

Go back in time for a special, bonus episode.

Episode 7: They’re not just words.

Hillary Clinton’s speechwriter, Megan Rooney, gives Max a lesson in presidential speechwriting—and grammar.

Episode 6: “To whom much is given much is expected”

At the end of a hectic day at campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, Max sits down with Hillary Clinton’s Senior Policy Advisor, Maya Harris, to talk about developing policy with the biggest policy wonk of them all—Hillary. Maya also talks about how growing up in the civil rights movement helped shape her—and her own approach to policy.

Episode 5: “Presidents are people, too”

President Bill Clinton sits down with Max after the first presidential debate to talk about why Hillary is running for president, her love of HGTV, and the power of moon rocks.

Episode 4: “Is this normal now?”

What’s it like to grow up with Hillary as your mom? And what’s it like to have family dinner around a table at the White House? Max talks to Chelsea Clinton about why this election feels different, and how her mom shaped her point of view on the world and her approach to parenting.

Episode 3: “Let’s do that again”

Max catches up with Hillary post-rally in a band practice room to talk about the book she can’t put down, how she handles criticism, and the importance of friends on the campaign trail.

Episode 2: “Honey, I just got a call from Hillary”

What is it like to go from senator to vice presidential nominee overnight (and what’s it like to tell your wife)? Max heads to Seattle to sit down with Tim Kaine over beers to find out.

Episode 1: “Hi, Hillary”

Hillary takes a moment out of a busy day campaigning in Miami, FL to join co-host Max Linsky to reflect on what it was like to accept the Democratic nomination, how she stays focused on the campaign trail, and what she’s having for dinner.