What Hillary Clinton’s Senate record shows about her commitment to racial justice

This is not a new fight for her.

What Hillary Clinton’s Senate record shows about her commitment to racial justice

This is not a new fight for her.

In a speech in Harlem on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton laid out a plan to address systemic racism and expand opportunity for African Americans. She outlined a range of proposals—including ending the era of mass incarceration, protecting the right to vote, and revitalizing communities that have been left out or left behind.

Hillary’s record as an elected official speaks volumes about her commitment to racial justice.

Here’s how she fought to break down barriers for the African American community as senator from New York.

Protecting the right to vote.

1. She introduced a bill to make it easier for every American to vote and know that their vote would count. The New York Times called her legislation the “gold standard for election reform” that would “strike a blow against vote suppression.”

2. She worked to restore voting rights for those who had been convicted of a crime and served their sentences.

Reforming the criminal justice system.

3. She co-sponsored legislation to eliminate the unjust sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine.

4. She fought to ban racial profiling and to help people re-enter society after being incarcerated.

5. She worked to reform the juvenile justice system and help at-risk youth access mental health and substance abuse treatment and other delinquency prevention services.

Working to end gun violence.

6. She co-sponsored legislation to require criminal background checks on purchases at gun shows and all events that sell firearms.

7. She co-sponsored legislation to extend and reinstate the assault weapons ban.

8. She voted against legislation that shields gun manufacturers and dealers from legal accountability when they endanger Americans—a bill the NRA called “the most significant piece of pro-gun legislation in 20 years.”

Protecting the health of families in underserved communities.

9. She introduced a bill to address the disproportionate impact of environmental pollution on communities of color and a bill to keep families in public housing safe from lead poisoning.

10. She worked with then-Senator Barack Obama on legislation to keep kids safe from lead poisoning at child care facilities.

11. She introduced legislation to create a new fund that would address health disparities for people of color.

Expanding access to education.

12. She worked to expand and improve pre-K programs nationwide.

13. She introduced a bill to give historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) grants that would help underrepresented students enter health professions.

Preserving and expanding affordable housing.

14. She introduced legislation to create a $1 billion fund to help people avoid foreclosure, build subsidized rental housing, and support nonprofit housing developers.

15. She defended Community Development Block Grants—which help local governments create affordable housing and public services—when President Bush tried to eliminate them from the budget.

Creating economic opportunity.

16. She co-sponsored or introduced bills to raise the minimum wage in every full session she served in Congress.

17. She fought for legislation that would ensure the Small Business Administration was providing services to minority-owned businesses.

And she’s not finished yet.

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