There’s one critical thing you can do to help Hillary Clinton win if you’ve already voted

You can make a difference in key states.

In the era of texts and Snapchat, talking on the phone might not be something you do very often. But guess what?

Making calls for Hillary Clinton today is the the single most important thing you can do to help her beat Donald Trump and become the first woman president of the United States—besides voting (did you vote yet?).

So if you’ve already cast your ballot and you want something to do besides looking for exit polls, grab your phone and your laptop and help get out the vote.

Presidential elections are often decided by a small number of voters per precinct, and every person you talk to could be the difference between winning and losing tonight.

How does it work?

In four simple steps:

  1. Go online and register an account.
  2. Pick a state you want to talk to: You’ll get a script and the name and number of a likely Hillary supporter in states like Florida, North Carolina, or other key states we need to win.
  3. Call these supporters to confirm that they plan to vote for Hillary today (most people you’re calling will be Hillary supporters).
  4. Finally, thank them for their support, mark it in the tool, and then dial the next person!

If you’ve never made calls before, don’t worry: It’s easy. You don’t need to know all the facts and figures about the campaign; you just need to be excited to turn out Hillary supporters for a big win.

We’ll provide you with a script, answers to any questions you might have, and even a live online training at the following times:

Even if you have just a few minutes to spare, you’ll make a huge difference in the outcome of this election—and you can feel good tonight when the results come in, knowing you helped make history.

Get started now.

And if you’re looking for more ways to help out, you can click here to find volunteer shifts in your area.

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