Check out the creative and beautiful versions of Hillary’s campaign logo from one super fan.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

More than 30 million Americans have already voted in this historic election. People across the country are so excited to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton that they’re making calls, knocking on doors and doing anything they can to elect the first female president. But one fan took her admiration for Hillary to new, artistic heights with her beautiful and creative renditions of our campaign “H” logo.

Karen Todd started making the logos before the first presidential debate and updated her Facebook profile every day with a new creation. Karen told us she wanted to show her support for Hillary while also having fun and doing something positive for her daughters during the election season.  

Who knew one letter—and one woman—could inspire such incredible works of art? Check out Karen’s creations:

Karen and millions of other Americans are ready to make history and send Hillary to the White House. Don’t miss out on this historic movement. Find out where and when you can vote, and make a plan today.

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The heartwarming story behind this artist's portrait of Hillary Clinton.
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The heartwarming story behind this artist’s portrait of Hillary Clinton.