I’ve spent more than 6,000 hours with Hillary Clinton over the past 2 years. These are my favorite moments.

It’s my job to film Hillary Clinton everywhere she goes.

For over a year, it’s been my job to follow Hillary Clinton across the country and film her every move. That means I’ve been behind the camera for pretty much every big moment: the good ones, the tough ones, and some pretty funny ones. And the Hillary I got to know is funny, witty, and thoughtful—and more than willing to let me chase her around with a camera.

Here are some of the best moments I’ve captured, most of which have never been seen by the public before.

1. Hillary gets serenaded

Hillary met a group of supporters in New Hampshire—and their surprise for her was one of the most heartwarming moments I can remember on the trail.

2. Big steps in South Carolina

Momentous things happened the night Hillary won the South Carolina primary—for our campaign and for this adorable baby.

3. Hillary: first lady, U.S. senator, secretary of state, mom

Hanging out backstage with women senators in New Hampshire, Hillary used the moment to tell a great story about Bill, Chelsea, and a softball game.

4. A beautiful moment with the Mothers of the Movement

I’ve gotten to know this group of mothers who’ve lost children to gun violence and police brutality over the campaign. Their stories are heartbreaking—but we’ve still experienced joyful moments like this one.

5. Hillary and Jaylon

This moment from Hillary’s trip to Flint, Michigan, makes me smile every time I watch it. After you see this, you can never doubt how much Hillary loves kids.

6. Two (equally) important wins

There were two important things for Hillary on June 7: clinching the Democratic nomination for president—and this critical update from her niece.

7. A quiet moment backstage at the Democratic National Convention

I can’t imagine how Hillary must have felt accepting the nomination at the Democratic National Convention, but I think this captures some of the emotion of the moment.

8. Jessica Biel and a photo booth

When Jessica invites you to join her and Justin Timberlake for a photo … you say yes.

9. A proud family

Bill and Chelsea celebrate after Hillary’s stellar performance against Donald Trump at the first presidential debate.

10. Hillary’s shoes

Running for president comes with a very unique set of challenges—like shoes. Just ask Hillary for America’s vice chair Huma Abedin.

11. VIP phone calls

There’s nothing that makes my heart melt more than when Hillary FaceTimes with her granddaughter, Charlotte.

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