New Video: “African American Voters Can Stop Trump”

Hillary for America announced today the release of a new online video, "African American Voters Can Stop Trump", an ad... More

In New 2-Minute Ad, Clinton Delivers Closing Message Laying Out the Choice in This Election


New HFA Mini-Documentary – “The Story of Her”​


New HFA Mini-Documentary – “The Story Of Us”

Hillary for America is releasing a new mini-documentary called “The Story Of Us” which chronicles the campaign since it launched... More

New Ad: Voters Are Roaring to Go to the Polls for Hillary Clinton

On Saturday, Hillary for America’s newest TV ad will begin airing in the battlegrounds – “Roar.” The uplifting ad, set... More

NEW VIDEO: Preview of the First Year of a Trump Presidency

Hillary for America is releasing a new web ad this morning, previewing what could happen if Trump were elected. The... More

NEW TV AD: America Under A Trump Presidency

Today, Hillary for America is releasing a new TV ad that demonstrates the dangers of what a Trump presidency means... More

The Choice is Clear: Hillary’s Stronger Together America vs. Trump’s Dark and Divisive Vision

Hillary Clinton believes in an America where everyone counts and everyone has a place. She’s spent her life acting on... More

New TV Ads Feature Republicans Defecting from Trump and His Views on Women


New Ads on How Latinos Will Make History, Reject Trump

Just days away from Election Day, Hillary for America released new English and Spanish language TV, digital and radio ads... More

Nuevos comerciales resaltan cómo los latinos harán historia rechazando a Trump


New TV Ad: Trump and What He Believes about Women  

In the words of Maya Angelou “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Today, in advance of a... More

New TV Ad: Remakes “Daisy” Ad To Show Dangers of  Trump With Nuclear Weapons

With eight days left in the election, Hillary For America is airing a new powerful testimonial ad featuring Monique Luiz,... More

VIDEO: The Facts Behind Comey’s Unprecedented Letter

With so much confusion emanating from FBI Director James Comey’s vague and unprecedented letter, and Republicans actively working to distort... More

NEW VIDEO: Donald Trump’s “Dressing Room Talk”

Today, Hillary for America is releasing a new video pairing Donald Trump’s own words with the true experiences of pageant... More

In New Ad ‘On The Ballot’, President Obama Discusses the Progress at Stake in this Election

Hillary for America today announced a new television ad, ‘On The Ballot’, featuring President Barack Obama making a final pitch... More

Hillary for America Announces Early Vote YouTube Creator Series “One Vote at a Time”

Hillary for America today announced today a new YouTube video series, “One Vote at a Time.” The campaign teamed up... More

New Video: A Conversation with Senator Tim Kaine and Pusha T

Hillary for America is releasing new video of a candid conversation between vice presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine and rapper... More

New Video Features Story of Fallen U.S. Army Pvt. Damián López Rodriguez

Hillary for America released a powerful digital video today featuring the moving story of an Arizona Gold Star family whose... More

Nuevo video resalta la historia del soldado fallecido de las fuerzas armadas estadounidenses, Pvt. Damián López Rodríguez

La campaña de Hillary Clinton lanzó un impactante video sobre la conmovedora historia de una familia Gold Star de Arizona... More

Hillary for America Launches New Ads Making Closing Argument

Hillary for America is starting its final series of ads laying out the closing argument for this campaign about what... More

In New Ad, General John Allen (ret.) Says Only Hillary Clinton Understands How to Keep Us Safe

On the heels of Trump being denounced by national security leaders for rooting against the counter-ISIS operation underway in Mosul,... More

New Video Shows the Real Impact of Trump’s Housing Discrimination

Today, Hillary for America is releasing a new video with Senator Tim Kaine and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton that tells... More

Hillary for Virginia Releases New Video: ‘Jimmy’

Today, with only two weeks until Election Day, Hillary for Virginia is releasing a new video highlighting the stakes of... More

In New Ad, ‘Barbershop’, African American Voters Make the Case for Hillary Clinton

Hillary for America announced today the release of “Barbershop”, a new television ad featuring African American voters making the case... More

New Video Highlights Women Leaders Who Fought for Inclusion

Today, Hillary For America released a new video, “The Colored Girls: History Makers” featuring a group of five women who... More

Nuevo anuncio bilingüe: “Juntos se puede”  

Hillary for America publicó un nuevo anuncio bilingüe titulado “Juntos Se Puede” con latinos de todos los orígenes que se... More

New Bilingual Ad: “Juntos Se Puede”  

Hillary for America released a new bilingual TV and digital ad titled "Juntos se Puede" (Stronger Together), featuring Latinos from... More

In New Ad, Khizr Khan Asks Donald Trump: ‘Would My Son Have a Place in Your America?’

Hillary for America is airing a powerful testimonial ad from Khizr Khan, a Virginia Gold Star father, who recounts the... More

New HFA Video, “Google It” Exposes Trump’s Lies

During Wednesday’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton called for us to go online to search for “Donald Trump Iraq” to reveal... More

NEW AD: Clinton’s Commitment to “A Place for Everyone”

Hillary for America is airing a powerful, uplifting new television ad, called “A Place for Everyone” – part of the... More

Hillary for America Releases New Video: Ryan

In advance of the third Presidential debate, Hillary for America is releasing a new video highlighting Hillary Clinton’s friendship with... More

New TV Ad  “America’s Bully” Decries Trump’s Bluster and Bigotry

Today, Hillary for America is releasing a powerful new TV ad “America’s Bully” exposing the countless times Donald Trump has... More

NEW VIDEO: This Is Alex Jones

Today, Hillary for America is releasing a new video spotlighting Donald Trump’s disturbing admiration for fringe InfoWars radio host Alex... More

Hillary for America Celebrates Planned Parenthood’s 100th Anniversary


New Hillary for America Video Highlights Hillary Clinton Fighting for Flint

Today, Hillary for America released a new video featuring Flint, Michigan residents Nakiya and her son, Jaylon. In the video,... More

New TV Ad, “Show Up” Highlights Importance of Voting to Protect Progress

Hillary for America is releasing an informative new television ad called “Show Up” which showcases the power voters have this... More

Hillary For America Releases New Video: Progress is on the Ballot

With just 100 days left in Obama Administration, Hillary For America has released a new video, “Progress is on the... More

New Series of Testimonial Ads from Republicans Who Support Hillary

Hillary for America is airing a series of new ads with Republican voters explaining why they have decided to put... More

NEW VIDEO: Donald Trump Is Not Sorry


Hillary For America Releases New Video: Shane  

In a new video released by Hillary For America, Shane Salter of North Carolina, a former foster care child highlights... More

New Video Features Actress Salma Hayek Urging Latinos to Stand Up To Trump this November

On the heels of the Vice Presidential debate, where Mike Pence demonized immigrants and referred to Donald Trump calling Mexican... More

NEW VIDEO: Trump-Pence’s Insult-Driven Campaign


Hillary for America Releases New Ad Highlighting Her Commitment to Fighting for Children and Families

Today, Hillary for America released a new ad highlighting Hillary Clinton's commitment to fight for children and families as president.... More

NUEVO VIDEO: Pence no defendería a lo indefendible


NEW VIDEO: Pence Wouldn’t Defend The Indefensible

Following last night’s Vice Presidential debate, Hillary for America is releasing a new video spotlighting Mike Pence’s inability (or unwillingness)... More

NEW TV AD: Trump’s Not-So-Smart Tax Return Boast


New Video: Trump Says He’s “Having Fun” When He Degrades Women

Donald Trump has spent decades, and this campaign, demeaning and degrading women. Today, Hillary for America released a new video... More

New Video Highlights Lifelong Friendship Between Hillary Clinton and Betsy Ebeling

Today, Hillary for America released a new web video, "Betsy," which highlights Hillary Clinton’s lifelong friendship with Betsy Ebeling. More

New Video Shows Trump Doubling Down on Hateful Attacks on Alicia Machado

Hillary for America released a new video highlighting how Donald Trump is the same Donald Trump who has demeaned Alicia... More

In New Ad, First Lady Michelle Obama Makes The Case For Hillary Clinton  

Hillary for America is airing a new television ad, “Watch” featuring First Lady Michelle Obama as she makes the case... More

New Spanish Language Ads Highlight How Latinos Will Use the Power of Their Vote to Stand-up to Trump

On National Voter Registration Day, Hillary for America released two new national Spanish language television and digital ads both titled... More

Los nuevos anuncios en español destacan como los latinos usarán el poder de su voto para hacerle frente a Trump

En este día nacional de registro de votantes, Hillary for America lanzó dos anuncios nacionales en español, uno de televisión... More

Nuevo vídeo destaca la historia de la ex Miss Universo Alicia Machado sobre los ataques de Trump contra las mujeres


New Video Features Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado’s Story on Trump Demeaning Women

Hillary for America released a new video featuring former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Machado shared her story of how Donald... More

New Video Echoes Media Calling Out Trump’s Lies Ahead of Debate

Ahead of today’s first presidential debate, Hillary for America officials echoed multiple media outlets calling Donald Trump out for his... More

New HFA Ad On Trump’s Failure to Release Tax Returns, Hiding His Russian Business Dealings

Hillary for America is airing a new television ad which links Donald Trump’s unprecedented refusal to release his tax returns... More

New Video Highlights Connection Between Hillary Clinton and Roxie Hurlburt

Today, Hillary for America released a new web video, "Roxie," which tells the story of Hillary Clinton's relationships with Roxie... More

New Ad, “Mirrors” Shows the Effect Donald Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric Towards Women is Having on our Daughters

Today, Hillary for America released a new TV ad “Mirrors,” which underlines Donald Trump’s hateful and offensive message that he's... More

Following Clinton Speech on Inclusive Economy, New HFA Video Spotlights Mother Troubled By Trump Mocking Disabled Reporter

In a new Hillary for America web video, Karen Macek of Moosic, Pennsylvania, whose 8-year-old daughter has the same disability... More

NEW VIDEO: Other People’s Money

​In response to Donald Trump’s incoherent explanation during a Toledo interview today as to why he used charitable donations for... More

NEW VIDEO: The Anniversary Of Mitt Romney’s Tax Return Release


In New Ad, Anastasia Somoza Talks About Hillary Clinton Fighting For Those Often Overlooked

Hillary for America is airing a powerful, new testimonial television ad featuring Anastasia Somoza talking about Hillary Clinton’s commitment to... More

Documentary Style Ad Features Hillary Clinton’s Lifelong Record Fighting for Children and Families

In battleground states and as part of a national cable advertising campaign, Hillary for America is airing an ad that... More

New Ad Highlights What’s at Stake for Latino Families in This Election

Today, Hillary for America released a new TV and digital ad,"Families Together," underscoring what's at stake for Latino families across... More

NEW VIDEO: Donald Trump’s Birther Lies


New Video Highlights Touching Story Between Hillary Clinton and Aleatha Williams

Today, Hillary for America released a new web video highlighting the story of Aleatha, a young woman from the Bronx... More

Hillary Clinton On Birtherism: “We Know Who Donald Is… There Is No Erasing It In History”

Today during her remarks at The Black Women’s Agenda in Washington, D.C., Hillary Clinton addressed Donald Trump’s long history of... More

NEW VIDEO: Trump’s Historic Lack Of Disclosure


NEW WEB AD: Trump’s Foundation: Corrupt Politics

Today, Hillary for America is launching a new web ad on Donald Trump’s illegal political contribution to Florida Attorney General... More

NEW VIDEO: Donald Trump and Mike Pence Fail to Condemn David Duke As “Deplorable”

Today, Hillary for America is launching a new web video to call out Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike... More

NEW WEB AD: Trump’s Real Life Pay-To-Play Scandal

Today, Hillary for America is launching a new web ad that explains how Donald Trump used his charitable foundation to... More

New Spanish Language Ads Highlight How Clinton and Kaine Will Fight for Latino Families

Hillary for America released two new Spanish language television and radio ads today, underscoring Clinton and Kaine's commitment to building... More

Nuevos anuncios en español destacan como Clinton y Kaine lucharán por las familias latinas

Hillary for America hoy publicó dos anuncios de televisión y radio en español, subrayando el compromiso de Clinton y Kaine... More

NEW TV Ad: Trump’s Low Opinion Of America

Today, Hillary for America released a new TV ad that will run on national cable highlighting how Donald Trump has... More

NEW AD: Republicans Agree That Donald Trump Is Too Unfit and Too Dangerous to Be President

In a new Hillary for America television ad, countless prominent Republican leaders make the case that Donald Trump is too... More

New Video Highlights Relationship Between Hillary Clinton & Breast Cancer Patient Janelle Turner

Hillary for America released a new video, “Janelle”, featuring Windsor Heights, Iowa native Janelle Turner discussing her battle with breast... More

New Ad: Hillary Clinton Will Bring People Together To Solve Problems

In a new Hillary for America television ad, Hillary Clinton makes the case that the only way we solve problems... More

NEW VIDEO: Commander-In-Chief Forum

Today, Hillary for America released a new web video highlighting Donald Trump’s dangerous, divisive comments at last night’s Commander-In-Chief Forum.... More

New Video: Trump Is “Not a Man We Can Trust With Nuclear Weapons”

Ahead of the Commander-in-Chief Forum, Hillary for America is launching a new video about the danger of having someone with... More

Nuevos anuncios en español destacan los peligros de una presidencia de Trump para los latinos

Los nuevos anuncios presentan a un reconocido republicano cubano americano respaldando a Clinton y provee una breve vista al historial... More

New Spanish Language Ads Highlight the Dangers of a Trump Presidency for Latinos


New Ad Spotlights Trump’s History of Disrespect for Veterans and Military Families

Hillary for America released a new television ad, entitled “Sacrifice,” spotlighting Donald Trump’s continued disrespect towards our veterans and military... More

NEW VIDEO: Trump Embarrasses in Mexico

Since Day One of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has promised American voters that he would build a "great, great... More

New Video: Trump’s Immigration Plan, In His Own Words


​NEW VIDEO: 103 Year Old Iowan Ruline Steininger Talks About Voting for Hillary Clinton

Hillary for Iowa released a new video today highlighting the historic nature of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president and what... More

Continuing Clinton’s Focus on Economy, New Ad Uses Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat to Highlight Trump Outsourcing

A new Hillary for America television ad that began airing this week, entitled "Hat," spotlights the contradiction between Donald Trump's... More

New Ad Answers Trump’s Offensive Question to African Americans

Hillary for America released a powerful new ad exposing Donald Trump for being out of touch with the African American... More

In New Ad, U.S. Shirtmaker Criticizes Trump for Outsourcing Jobs, Making Products Overseas

A new Hillary for America television ad set to air this week features a Massachusetts shirt manufacturer who employs more... More

Nuevo video resalta los detalles del plan de Donald Trump para detener y deportar a 16 millones de personas

Está claro que Donald Trump no tiene planes específicos para solucionar los problemas que nuestro país enfrenta. More

New Video Highlights Trump’s Plan to Round-up and Deport 16 Million People

While Donald Trump has very few actual plans to address the issues confronting our country, one thing he’s made clear... More

New Ad: In His Own Words, Donald Trump Exposed As Too Dangerous To Be Commander-in-Chief

Hillary for America is beginning to air a powerful new ad called “Just One” that exposes the danger Donald Trump... More

New Video: Does Trump or Trump on Teleprompter Have Regrets?

Hillary for America is launching a new video on social media called “No Regrets” that reveals the real Donald Trump's... More

New Hillary for America Ad Asks What Trump is Hiding in his Tax Returns, Highlights His Promise to “Absolutely” Release Returns

Hillary for America is today launching a new television ad entitled "Absolutely" that highlights Trump’s promise he would “absolutely” release... More

NEW VIDEO: Who Benefits from Trump’s Economic Plan? 


New CNN Report Highlights Trump’s Hypocrisy on Jobs


NEW VIDEO: The Dangers of Trumponomics

Ahead of Donald Trump's speech today in Detroit, here's exactly what you need to know about Trumponomics: Donald Trump's economic... More

New Video Highlights Successful Clinton-Kaine Jobs Tour

Hillary for America released a new video today highlighting Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine's ongoing jobs tour across the country,... More

VIDEO: Donald Trump Had A Very Bad Week

Donald Trump has had quite the week. More

NEW VIDEO: What is Donald Trump’s connection to Vladimir Putin?

Today, Hillary For America is releasing a new video highlighting Donald Trump’s alarming closeness with the Kremlin. More

New Hillary for America Ad Features Republican Criticism of Trump

Hillary for America is announcing today a new television ad, "Unfit," which features a litany of Republican voices expressing concern... More

NEW WEB VIDEO: Backstage at the Democratic National Convention

Hillary for America is releasing a new web video giving supporters never-before-seen, backstage access to last week’s Democratic Convention in... More

New Hillary for America Ads Focus on Economic Choice Voters Face in November

Hillary for America is announcing today two new television ads set to air in critical general election states which focus... More

New Video: Trump’s Convention Offers Fear, Division, Anger and Hate, No Solutions

Hillary for America is releasing a new video recapping the Republican Convention that offered a dark vision of an America... More

New Web Video: The Times Trump Told the Truth About Hillary Clinton

In advance of Donald Trump’s speech at the Republican Convention tonight, Hillary For America is releasing a new web video... More

Latest Testimonial Web Video: Trump’s Record Cheating A(nother) Small Business

As the Republican Convention begins its second day with a planned focus on the economy, Hillary for America is releasing... More

NEW VIDEO: Trump Loves War

This evening, as Donald Trump attempts to convince the American people that we should put the security of our country... More

NEW VIDEO: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Today, Hillary for America released a new video and open letter to Donald Trump. Americans want him to hear one... More

NEW WEB AD: Confessions of a Republican

In 1964, in the midst of major concerns about Republican nominee Barry Goldwater, the Democratic campaign ran an ad called... More

New TV Ad: Clinton, not Trump, Would Provide Steady Leadership in Uncertain Times

Hillary for America is airing a new ad asking in whose hands – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump – should... More

NEW HFA Web Video: Indecisive Donald

Following Donald Trump's announcement that Governor Mike Pence is his running mate, Hillary for America is releasing a new web... More

New TV Ad: Is Donald Trump the Role Model We Want for Our Kids?

Hillary for America is releasing a powerful, creative new television ad called “Role Models” which makes voters ask which candidate... More

Hillary for America Releases New Ads Showcasing Clinton’s Steady Leadership


NEW TESTIMONIAL VIDEO: When Trump Wins, the Little Guy Loses

On the night of the California primary, in the clubhouse of the Trump National Golf Club Westchester, Donald Trump touted... More

New Video: House Republican Chairman Flip-Flops on Whether To Respect FBI’s Comey As Final Word on Email Case

Hillary for America is releasing a new web video Wednesday exposing the hypocrisy and pure partisanship behind House Republicans' newly... More

New HFA Ad Shows Trump’s Volatile Response to Brexit

Hillary for America is launching a new national TV ad highlighting Donald Trump failing the Presidential leadership test after Britain’s... More

New Hillary for America TV Ad Features Family Benefiting from Clinton’s Work on Children’s Health Insurance

Hillary for America will begin airing a new television ad on Saturday in eight states featuring a family who has... More

New Spanish Ad Highlights America’s Hispanic Heritage

In the wake of the Supreme Court's Deadlocked ruling in United States v. Texas, Hillary for America launches ad celebrating... More

New Video: Ahead of Scotland Trip, Great Britain Tees Off on Trump

In preparation for the long flight overseas, Hillary for America is releasing a new web video today for in-flight viewing... More

Watch: “New York”

New Yorkers achieve great things when they come together. While some have sought to divide Americans by building walls and... More

Watch: “Real Life”

Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, Ellen Pompeo and Viola Davis star in a new ad, directed by actor/director/producer Tony Goldwyn for... More

Watch: “Mothers of the Movement”

The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Dontre Hamilton, and Jordan Davis share what it’s like to fight... More

Watch: “Delegates”

David Huynh, the campaign’s delegate strategist, lays out the importance of delegates in the presidential nominating process. More

Watch: “Republican Name-Calling”


Sen. Al Franken Reads Mean Tweets

U.S. Senator Al Franken highlights Hillary Clinton's progressive record and agenda reading "mean tweets" he has received in response to... More

HFA Policy Adviser Explains Charleston Loophole

HFA policy adviser Corey Ciorciari breaks down exactly how the Charleston Loophole, which Bernie Sanders voted to create, allowed the... More

Watch: “Stand”

Actor Morgan Freeman makes the case that Hillary Clinton has “always stood with us" and how Clinton has stood up... More

Watch: “All the Good”

Actor Morgan Freeman narrates our newest ad and highlights the story of Hillary Clinton's lifetime commitment to breaking barriers, including... More

Watch: “Brave”

Hillary Clinton’s exchange with a 10-year-old young woman concerned about her parents being deported. More

Watch: “The Water Crisis in Flint”

Following Hillary Clinton’s trip to Flint, Michigan, to listen and learn from the community, elected officials, and faith leaders about... More

Watch: “Standing”

Reverend Anthony Thompson of Charleston, South Carolina, lost his wife in the Charleston massacre and makes the case that Hillary... More

Watch: “Broken”

Hillary Clinton declares that something is fundamentally broken in our nation. More

Watch: “Flint”

Hillary Clinton visits a Flint church to call out the "immoral" poisoning of its residents. More

Watch: “I Believe”

Americans tell you "I believe" in Hillary Clinton. More

Watch: “Make a Difference”

Hillary Clinton's lifelong commitment to making a difference. More

Watch: “Children”

"I'm Hillary Clinton and I've always approved this message." More

Watch: “The World”

The Presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one leader who has what it takes to... More

Watch: “This House”

The First Lady that helped 8 million kids get health care. The senator that helped a city rise again. The... More

Watch: “Stood Strong”

Hillary Clinton has never been called a quitter and she won't quit on you. More

Watch: “I’m With Him”

Hillary for America launched a new television ad during President Obama's final State of the Union. More

Watch: “Incredible”

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate that can take on the Republicans. More

How the Republicans Steal Progress

Together, Republicans shout with great Grinchy zeal, that on health care their solution is "repeal," "repeal," "repeal." More

VIDEO: Resolve over Fear

We have faced challenges before and chosen resolve over fear. At the #GOPDebate, Republicans seem resolved to create fear. More

Republicans: Reverse Progress on LGBT Rights

Republicans are dead set on reversing all of the progress we have made. More

Trump: A Product of an Extreme GOP

Republicans’ language may be more veiled than Donald Trump’s, but their ideas aren’t so different. More

Watch: “Aidan”

Hillary Clinton outlines her new plan to tackle out of control prescription drug costs. More

Watch: “Small Business President”

On Small Business Saturday, learn more about Hillary Clinton’s commitment to small businesses, outlining her small business agenda and reminding... More

Republicans: Reverse Progress

Republicans just want to "repeal, repeal, repeal" the hard-fought progress we've made. More

Republicans Ignore the Middle Class

Republicans mentioned the middle class just eight times... in more than three hours of debates... about the economy. More

Watch: “Compact”

Hillary Clinton's New College Compact says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to... More

Watch: “Paygap”

In 2015, many women are paid less than men for the same work. More

Watch: “Together”

How many people have to die before we act? More

Republican Excuses for Inaction on Gun Violence

88 to 92 Americans are killed by a gun every single day. We cannot accept this as normal. More

Zombie Policies: The GOP’s Failed Policies of the Past

The failed policies of the past are rising from the grave. When GOP candidates have no new ideas, they resurrect... More

Hillary Clinton and the Republicans: Point/Counterpoint

How Hillary Clinton would fight for you if she were on that debate stage tonight. More

Benghazi Committee Political Charade Continues

Republicans admit the committee is a politically motivated investigation. (And raise some cash for Republicans, too.) More

A Republican Salute to Hillary Clinton

Focused, tough, determined: A Republican tribute to Hillary Clinton. More

Watch: “Smart Leadership”

Hillary Clinton has what it takes to lead America. Watch the new video on her accomplishments as Secretary of State.... More

Republican Congressman: Benghazi Committee “Designed” to “Go After” Hillary Clinton

Take it from a Republican Congressman: Benghazi Committee was "designed to go after" Hillary Clinton. More

Hillary’s Opening Statement

Watch Hillary Clinton's opening statement from the first Democratic debate. More

Kevin McCarthy on Kevin McCarthy

@KevinMcCarthy is just a normal guy from Iowa, but lately he's been receiving a lot of tweets for the other... More

Watch: Brian Fallon on Kevin McCarthy

Brian Fallon, Hillary for America's campaign Press Secretary, discusses Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy's admission that the taxpayer-funded Select Committee on... More

McCarthy Confirms Political Charade

Speaker-in-Waiting Kevin McCarthy confirms that the Benghazi committee is a partisan effort to hurt Hillary Clinton's campaign. More

GOPtbt: Old-Fashioned Ideas

Republican senators just voted to defund Planned Parenthood—and the entire Republican presidential field supports it. More

Republican Vision for America

GOP vision for our country: "We should not have a multicultural society." So much for America the beautiful. More

Republican Candidates: Silent on Issues that Matter

When the GOP candidates met on stage at the the CNN Republican presidential debate, they brought their best ideas on... More

Watch: “Previously On”

Get caught up on everything you've missed since the first Republican debate. More

GOPtbt: Republicans and Women

This Throwback Thursday, here's a look at Republicans' outdated plans to "take care" of women. More

Hillary’s Fight Against Citizens United

Did you know Citizens United was started by a conservative group lobbying against Hillary Clinton? More

Republicans Shame and Blame Women

Hillary Clinton has spent her life fighting for women. Republicans shame, blame, and insult them. More

It’s #GOPtbt!

It's #GOPtbt! While the photos and views are old, these four throwback statements came from GOP candidates just in the... More

Jeb Bush on Guns

When Jeb Bush says the federal government "shouldn't be involved in gun laws," what exactly does that mean? More

Watch: “Close the Wage Gap”

From the repeal of an equal pay law to voting against paycheck fairness legislation, the Republican presidential candidates have an... More

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump: Same on Immigration

Can you spot the difference between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush on immigration reform? (We can't.) More

Repeal, and Then What?

Republican presidential candidates love to talk about their plans to repeal Obamacare. But what do they plan to do to... More

Watch: “Republican Failing Grades”

The bottom line? Republicans' ideas on higher education = rising tuition + rising student debt. More

Missed the GOP debate? Watch this.

After the first GOP debate, there is no doubt that Republicans reminded Americans that their platform and stances are throwing... More

Watch: “#GOPTBT”

Throwback photos. Throwback ideas. Get ready for the #GOPTBT debate. More

“It’s Not Complicated”

When you attack women's health, you attack America's health. Republicans don't seem to have a problem with that. More

Watch: “Mad (Not a) Scientists”

Behold: the horrifying epidemic striking an entire political party. Run, don't walk, from the Mad (not a) Scientists. More

Watch: “Gender Card”

If fighting for equal pay and child care is playing the "gender card," what cards are the Republicans holding? More

There She Goes Again…

Hillary Clinton's talking about women's issues—and she'll continue to do so. More

Watch: “Raise”

Here's a clear sign of the difference between what candidates would do for working Americans: Hillary Clinton wants to raise... More

Hillary Clinton on Raising Incomes

Hillary Clinton defined raising incomes as the economic challenge of our time. Watch her full remarks from The New School... More

Watch: “Charade”

How long will Republicans keep up this partisan charade? Watch the latest video. More

Watch: “No Evidence”

Even prior to release, reports were clear that ''Clinton Cash'' lacked a shred of evidence for its claims. More

Watch: Fact-Checking “Clinton Cash”

Hillary for America national press secretary Brian Fallon fact checks the false and discredited claims in the new book, ''Clinton... More