Hillary Clinton’s Fought for Children and Families Her Entire Career

Hillary Clinton knows that finding high quality, affordable, flexible childcare is more important than ever with many families needing two incomes to make ends meet and 40 percent of moms acting as the sole or primary breadwinners in their household.

  • Hillary pointed out that out-of-pocket childcare costs for families have soared by nearly 25 percent over the past decade or so, and still the Republican budget would cut funding even further.
  • Hillary reiterated that we need to make investments in childcare a national priority, and that it is time for America to finally join the rest of the developed world in providing paid family leave.
  • She said that as President she would look for responsible ways to do even more than the great start we’ve seen from the Obama administration – whether it’s providing tax cuts to new parents or grants to states targeted for infants and toddlers.
  • Hillary has always been a champion for children and families and knows that family values are economic values, and that’s why she is committed to new solutions designed for today and tomorrow, not yesterday.

Hillary Clinton has fought for children and families throughout her career…

  • Last month at the Women in World Summit, Hillary cited “lack of quality, affordable childcare” as one of the things making it tougher for parents today. [Women in the World Summit – New York, NY, 4/23/15]
  • Hillary founded "Too Small to Fail" as part of her fight to close the word gap and prepare kids for school by making information more readily available about the importance of talking, reading and singing to very young children. [Christian Science Monitor, 6/14/13]
  • In 2008, Hillary proposed expanding childcare funding through the Child Care and Development Block Grant. [Hillary Clinton press release, 2/28/08]
  • Hillary cosponsored the ACCESS Act to increase block grants for quality childcare and expand childcare opportunities for federal employees. [S.2758, 7/18/02]
  • In the Senate, Hillary joined Senator John Thune’s effort to extend childcare benefits for the children of parents who died while serving in the military. [Senator John Thune press release, 5/18/05; S. 1065, 5/18/05]
  • Hillary campaigned for the Clinton Administration initiative to dedicate $1 billion to after-school programs across the country. [Chicago Sun-Times, 4/28/98]
  • In 1997, Hillary led The White House Conference on Childcare. [Newsday, 10/24/97]
  • As First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary helped establish the HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) program to promote early childhood education, which now operates in 21 states and the District of Columbia. [US News & World Report, 4/29/14]
  • Hillary was chair of the board of the Children's Defense Fund, where she fought to support communities and families to address the needs of children living in poverty, children of color and children with disabilities. [Children's Defense Fund, 9/30/13]