Comey Under Fire After Sending Unprecedented Letter


Better Than Bullying: Hillary Clinton’s Plan To Create Safer Schools for Our Kids

Our country is great because the American people are good. We believe in respecting one another and lifting each other... More

New Hillary for America Video Shows the Impact of Hillary Clinton’s Lifetime of Service on One Family


Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Would Add $21 Trillion To National Debt, Hillary Clinton Pays for her Plans

Trump’s tax plan would explode that national debt by $21 trillion over two decades, according to a recent independent analysis.... More

The Last 30 Years

Donald Trump is eager to talk about the last 30 years and Hillary Clinton, too, is eager to discuss her... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Combatting Climate Change and Making America the Clean Energy Superpower of the 21st Century

Climate change is an urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time—and Hillary Clinton has a plan to tackle... More

Pence Can’t Defend The Indefensible

Donald Trump’s divisive insults and dangerous policies are so logic-defying and so wildly disturbing that even his own supporters have... More

Hillary Clinton’s Vision for an Economy Where our Businesses, our Workers, and Our Consumers Grow and Prosper Together

Hillary Clinton believes we need to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. But... More

The National Service Reserve: A New Vehicle for Young Americans to Serve Their Communities

The generation coming of age today has already changed our politics and our country. From racial justice and marriage equality... More

Trump’s Reckless Trade Policies Would Destroy Jobs

Throughout this campaign, Trump’s statements on trade have been erratic and irresponsible -- full of bluster, empty promises, and recklessness... More

Hillary Clinton Will Continue To Oppose TPP After She Is Elected

Hillary Clinton opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, period. More

Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Advancing Equity and Opportunity for Muslim Americans

America’s vibrant and diverse Muslim communities have helped build this country and enrich our nation. Yet the Muslim American community... More

Expanding Opportunities for Americans with Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted 26 years ago, was a tremendous step forward. But too many Americans with... More

Hillary for America Millennial Victory Council

Hillary for America’s Millennial Victory Council is a group of leaders volunteering their spare time, energy and expertise to help... More

The New College Compact

Over the last year, Hillary Clinton has released a bold agenda to ensure that anybody in America who wants to... More

Hillary Clinton: A Fighter for AAPI Women

America has made tremendous strides in expanding opportunities for women—including Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) women—and securing fundamental rights.... More

FLASHBACK: Support For Libyan Intervention Was Widespread, Included Trump and Pence

Donald Trump and his allies love to attack Hillary Clinton over the Libyan intervention. Curiously, they never seem to mention... More

Hillary’s Plan to Respond to Unjustified Price Hikes for Long-Available Drugs

Today, Hillary Clinton is offering a plan to protect Americans from unjustified price hikes in lifesaving treatments that have long... More

Hillary Clinton’s Comprehensive Agenda on Mental Health

Today, Hillary Clinton announced her comprehensive plan to support Americans living with mental health problems and illnesses—by integrating our healthcare... More

Hillary Clinton Will Support Community Banks and Credit Unions and Protect Consumers

Hillary Clinton believes that efforts to end too-big-to-fail must be coupled with efforts to ensure that community banks and credit... More

Hillary Clinton: A Fighter for Black Women

The fight for equal rights is not over, especially for Black women. Clinton has been fighting for women and girls... More

Hillary Clinton Will Make Life Easier for Small Business at Every Step of the Way

Small businesses are the engine of the American economy. They create nearly two-thirds of new American jobs, fuel innovation, and... More

Trump Doubles Down on Big Tax Breaks for Billionaires Like Him at the Expense of Working Families

In Cleveland, Hillary Clinton laid out the key question on the economy in this election: who will stand up for... More

Expanding Opportunity Beyond a 4-Year College Degree

Hillary Clinton doesn’t think we say this often enough: college is crucial, but a four-year degree should not be the... More

Stronger Together: Hillary Clinton’s Plan for An Economy That Works for Everyone, Not Just Those at the Top

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech in Warren, Michigan, posing four questions that should make voters’ choice in this... More

The “Trump Loophole:” Backdoor Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, Wall Street, and Himself

This week, even as he tried to press “reset” on his campaign, Donald Trump doubled down on the core economic... More

Hillary’s Record Taking Action Against Zika

The spread of the Zika virus into the United States is a public health issue that demands action. It is... More

Hillary Clinton’s Jobs Plan for Millennials

Hillary Clinton is committed to building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. And while... More

An AIDS-Free Generation is Within Our Reach: Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Tackle HIV and AIDS Together

The AIDS crisis in America began as a quiet, deadly epidemic—and because of discrimination and disregard, it remained that way... More

Hillary Clinton’s 100-Day Jobs Plan

Hillary Clinton is committed to building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. And while... More

Stronger Together: Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Break Down Barriers for AAPIs

Hillary Clinton believes that we are stronger together and that's why she is fighting for an America where all Asian... More

Hillary Clinton’s Commitment: Universal, Quality, Affordable Health Care for Everyone in America

The Affordable Care Act was a critically important step toward the goal of universal health care, offering coverage to 20... More

Making Sure Small Businesses Get Paid – Not Stiffed

Hillary Clinton believes it is outrageous when big businesses like Donald Trump’s build their fortunes by repeatedly stiffing the small... More

Hillary Clinton’s Commitment: A Debt-Free Future for America’s Graduates

Education is the key to so much we want to achieve as a country: a stronger, more equitable economy; a... More

Let’s Start Something: Empowering Young Americans to Be Entrepreneurs

Hillary Clinton is committed to spurring the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators, so that America’s best minds continue to... More

Hillary Clinton’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation


Hillary Clinton’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation

Today’s dynamic and competitive global economy demands an ambitious national commitment to technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. America led the world... More

Stronger Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Strengthening our Cities and Creating Good-Paying Jobs

Thanks to the strength of the American people, we have worked our way back from the Great Recession. Our economy... More

Stronger Together: Hillary Clinton’s Plan for An Economy That Works for Everyone, Not Just Those at the Top

America is stronger together. That idea is written into the basic fabric of our country, and stamped on the coins... More

Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Advancing Equity and Opportunity for Caribbean Americans & Immigrants of Caribbean Descent

Caribbean Americans and Caribbean immigrants have helped build this country and strengthen our communities. Hillary recognizes that these accomplishments sometimes... More

What’s Donald Trying To Hide?


Stronger Together: Keeping Children Healthy

Hillary Clinton has spent her life fighting for children and families. More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Conservation and Collaborative Stewardship of America’s Great Outdoors

Hillary Clinton believes that America’s national parks, forests, oceans, wildlife, monuments, and public lands are a proud inheritance that we... More

Hillary Clinton’s Military Families Agenda


Hillary Clinton Will Make the Boldest Investments in Our Infrastructure Since Eisenhower Built the Interstate Highway System

To build a strong economy for the future, we must start by building a strong foundation today. More

Hillary Clinton: A Champion for America’s Seniors

Hillary Clinton believes that every American deserves to retire with dignity and security and that no American should face poverty... More

The Trump Tax Plan – By the Billionaire, For the Billionaires

The trillions in tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires and corporations laid out in Donald Trump’s tax plan would be an... More

Clinton​ ​to​ ​Commit to Bold, New​ ​Goal​ ​As​ ​President​ ​to​ ​​Limit​ ​Child ​Care Costs​ ​to​ ​No​ More​ ​than​ ​10 Percen​t ​of​ ​Family’s​ ​Income

Speaking at a family health center in Louisville this afternoon as part of her "Breaking Down Barriers" tour, Hillary Clinton... More

Asegurando la promesa estadounidense: el compromiso de Hillary con la comunidad latina

Todas las familias latinas en los Estados Unidos merecen acceso a trabajos bien remunerados, escuelas de alta calidad y una... More

Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Puerto Ricans

Puerto Ricans are proud American citizens who work hard and have enriched our nation. Yet, the people of Puerto Rico... More

Progresando juntos: la visión de Hillary Clinton para los puertorriqueños

Los puertorriqueños son orgullosos ciudadanos estadounidenses que trabajan arduamente y han enriquecido a nuestra nación. Sin embargo, estos se enfrentan... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Fight for Environmental and Climate Justice

Across America, the burdens of air pollution, water pollution, and toxic hazards are borne disproportionately by low-income communities and communities... More

Securing the Promise of America: Hillary Clinton’s Commitment to the Latino Community

Every Latino family in America deserves access to good-paying jobs, high-quality schools, and a safe and thriving community. That’s the... More

Hillary Clinton’s Strategy to “Make it in America”

Hillary believes that manufacturing matters because workers who build things here are the heart of our economy. More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Central American Migrants

Hillary Clinton believes we must stop the raids that are happening in immigrant communities because they have sown fear and... More

Clinton Will Tackle Climate Change As President


Hillary Clinton will fight for equity and opportunity for the African American community

Hillary believes our nation cannot reach its fullest potential until we address the social and economic disparities that too many... More

Hillary Clinton Will Fight for Gun Violence Prevention Reform

Hillary knows we cannot accept as “normal” about 33,000 gun deaths in a year. Clinton immediately applauded President Obama’s executive... More

Sanders Is On The Wrong Side Of Key Manufacturing Priorities

Hillary Clinton has a clear and detailed plan to boost manufacturing in the United States to create jobs, grow our... More

The Facts: Clinton Has The Toughest Plan To Take On Wall Street And The Financial Industry

Hillary Clinton has long stood up to Wall Street – going back to her time as New York Senator, when... More

Bernie Sanders Voted Against Funding for the Auto Rescue

In January of 2009, President-elect Obama called on Congress to approve the release of funding to help stabilize the economy... More

Hillary Clinton Has a Strong Record of Fighting for American Manufacturing

Hillary Clinton has a clear and detailed plan to boost manufacturing in the United States to create jobs, grow our... More

Hillary Clinton - We Cannot Wait to Help the People of Flint

Hillary Clinton knows that the children of Flint have waited too long for help. More

Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Advancing Equity and Opportunity for Irish Americans & Immigrants of Irish Descent

From adding rich diversity, to spurring small businesses and economic growth, Irish Americans and Irish immigrants have helped build this... More

Every Republican Would Enact Huge Tax Cuts for the Rich

Hillary Clinton is fighting to raise Americans’ incomes and ensure everyone pays their fair share. She has pledged to raise... More

Repeal. Repeal. Repeal.

Congress finally passed a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act -- and thankfully, President Obama vetoed it. But every... More

We Can’t Let Republicans Choose the Next Supreme Court Justices

There’s a lot at stake in this election—and the Republicans’ current fight to stop President Obama from fulfilling his constitutional... More

The Republican Candidates Would Put DREAMers at Risk of Deportation

As part of Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive immigration plan, she will defend the President’s DACA and DAPA actions and do everything... More

A Republican President Won’t Fight For A Real Pathway to Citizenship

Hillary Clinton will work for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a full and equal pathway to citizenship. And she won’t... More

Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Building a Brighter Future for Native Americans

Hillary Clinton is committed to strengthening and building on the government-to-government relationship between the United States and Indian tribes, and... More

Hillary Clinton’s “Breaking Every Barrier Agenda”: Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline

These initiatives build on Clinton’s broader agenda to break down barriers holding Americans back by keeping immigrant families together, reforming... More

Hillary Clinton – We Cannot Wait to Help the People of Flint

Hillary Clinton is not going to wait to help the people of Flint. After visiting Flint herself and sending her... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Ensuring Safe and Responsible Natural Gas Production

By putting in place new safeguards and raising labor standards, Clinton will ensure safe and responsible natural gas production as... More

Hillary Clinton’s “Breaking Every Barrier Agenda”: Revitalizing the Economy in Communities Left Behind

At the core of Clinton’s agenda is a simple idea. Every child in America should be able to live up... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Advanced Buildings: Creating Jobs, Reducing Pollution and Saving Americans Money

As President, Clinton would set a goal to cut energy waste in American homes, schools, stores, municipal buildings, hospitals and... More

On Roe v. Wade’s Anniversary, One Candidate Has Lifelong Record of Fighting for Women: Hillary Clinton

As Hillary Clinton said, Roe V. Wade “is the touchstone of our reproductive freedom, the embodiment of our most fundamental... More

Why Sanders Is Wrong on ISIS and Iran

Hillary Clinton said it best herself – we need a president that can do all parts of the job. No... More

Sanders Campaign Continues Criticism of Key Progressive Organizations

Tuesday night on MSNBC, Senator Sanders talked about “taking on the political establishment,” which he said included progressive organizations like... More

Republicans Are Aiding Senator Sanders’ Candidacy

Hillary for America Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri released the following statement on Republicans – including the RNC and GOP super... More

Former Top Diplomats, National Security Officials Question Sanders’ Plans on ISIS, Iran

On Tuesday, 10 former senior U.S. diplomats and national security officials who have served across multiple administrations issued a joint... More

Critics and Experts Agree: Sanders Plans Full of Slogans but Few Details

The view from progressives, analysts and experts is that Sanders’ proposals lack details, his perspective on foreign policy lacks nuance,... More

Sanders’ ‘No Super PAC’ Myth

Bernie Sanders repeatedly touts the talking point that he doesn’t have a super PAC, but that just isn’t true. More

Clinton Would Build On ACA, Not Start Over

Hillary Clinton would defend and expand on the progress made toward universal coverage under the Affordable Care Act, while the... More

Sanders Has Not Stood Up To The Gun Lobby

Democrats have a serious choice in the primary because standing up to the gun lobby is a real difference between... More

Experts say Clinton’s economic plan is right to grow the economy

Analysts, experts and columnists have praised Clinton’s vision for raising wages and creating good jobs More

Clinton Is The Candidate With The Toughest Plan To Broadly Tackle Risk On Wall Street And In Our Financial System

Hillary Clinton believes that raising incomes for hard-working Americans is the defining economic challenge of our time. More

The Facts Behind the Health Care Debate

Hillary Clinton has spent her career fighting for universal health care, working at every level to expand access to quality,... More

Investing in America by Restoring Basic Fairness to Our Tax Code

Hillary Clinton believes that creating good-paying jobs and getting paychecks growing for working families is the defining economic challenge of... More

Hillary Clinton’s Vision for a Thriving Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community

Hillary Clinton will fight to break down these barriers so that everyone, regardless of their background has a chance to... More

Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for a New Economic Future for Latino Communities

Hillary Clinton will fight for a new economic future for Latinos in America: for every individual, family, and community, because... More

Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for a New Economic Future for African-American Communities

Hillary Clinton will fight for a new economic future for African-Americans: for every individual, family, and community, because our nation... More

To Ensure Tax Fairness, Clinton Unveils New ‘Fair Share Surcharge’ on Multi-Millionaires

Expanding on the central idea of the “Buffett Rule,” Hillary Clinton called for imposing a four-percent “Fair Share Surcharge” on... More

Standing Up to the Gun Lobby is a Real Difference Between Clinton and Sanders

In the presidential primary, Democrats have a real choice because standing up to the gun lobby is a real difference... More

Contrasting Reactions to President Obama’s Executive Actions to Curb Gun Violence

Instead of embracing common sense solutions that will keep our communities safe, Republicans immediately denounced the President’s proposal and veered... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Support Children, Youth, and Adults Living with Autism and their Families

Hillary Clinton announced a wide-ranging autism initiative—including screening, diagnosis, treatment, services, safety and legal protections for individuals on the autism... More

Hillary Clinton’s Lifelong Fight for Quality, Affordable Health Care for All Americans

Hillary Clinton takes a back seat to no one when it comes to fighting to expand quality, affordable health care... More

An End to Alzheimer’s Disease

Hillary Clinton's plan to prevent, effectively treat, and make a cure possible for Alzheimer's disease by 2025. More

Fighting for Full Equality for LGBT People

Hillary Clinton believes that America is at its best when we are inclusive, open, and striving towards true equality. More

It’s Not Just Trump – Islamophobia Is Widespread In the GOP Field

While some of his opponents have offered lip service to distancing themselves from this extreme proposal, the truth is that... More

Trump’s Immigration Proposal: The Inevitable Progression from the GOP Field’s Agenda and Rhetoric

Donald Trump said in an interview, "They condemn practically everything I say, and then they always come to my side."... More

Ending Inversions and Investing in America

Hillary Clinton released a proposal to stop so-called “inversions” where companies leave the United States on paper to lower their... More

Clinton Campaign Chair on Sen. Cruz and Republicans: ‘Nothing Heroic’ About Obstructing Action on Climate Change

As world leaders are gathering for the final week of talks in Paris to forge a global agreement to tackle... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Win the Global Competition for Advanced Manufacturing Jobs

Hillary Clinton believes that raising incomes by creating good-paying jobs is the defining economic challenge of our time. Today, as... More

Hillary Clinton’s Infrastructure Plan: Building Tomorrow’s Economy Today

In America, we build great things together. President Lincoln’s transcontinental railroad fueled the growth of a nation and a continent.... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Invest in the Caring Economy: Recognizing the Value of Family Caregivers and Home Care Workers

Hillary Clinton knows that as baby boomers age, more and more families will need to provide care for or will... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Revitalizing Coal Communities

From Central Appalachia to the Powder River Basin, coal communities were an engine of US economic growth for more than... More

When It Comes to Veterans, Check the Record

Hillary Clinton has fought throughout her career to ensure that all veterans have access to the opportunities and tools they... More

Supporting Our Veterans, Troops, and Their Families

Hillary Clinton believes that supporting our veterans is a sacred responsibility. By fulfilling that responsibility, we not only ensure that... More

Previewing the Fox Business GOP Debate: A Stacked Deck from the Republican Field

Tonight’s Fox Business GOP Debate may have cut down on the number of candidates on stage, but that doesn’t mean... More

As LCV Endorses Clinton for Her Boldness on Climate Change, Republicans Still Have It Backwards

In endorsing her, LCV leadership cited Clinton’s bold goals for generating renewable energy and dramatically expanding solar development to tackle... More

Hillary Clinton: A Career Fighting for Commonsense Measures to Tackle Gun Violence

Throughout her career, Hillary Clinton has been an advocate for commonsense measures to ensure gun safety and curb violence. While... More

Republican Tax Plans Fight for the Highest Earners

While Hillary Clinton fights for rising incomes for American families, the GOP field is unifying behind a central economic plan:... More

Hillary Clinton’s Email Production Will Represent the Most Extensive Public Record From a Cabinet Secretary Ever

Never before has the public gotten such a complete picture of the work that goes into being America’s top diplomat. ... More

Asked and Answered: Allegations of “Stand Down” Order Have Been Widely Debunked

In their continued quest to politically damage Hillary Clinton, Republicans have falsely claimed that Clinton told former Secretary of Defense... More

Asked and Answered: Initial Intelligence Analysis Said It Was a Spontaneous Attack, Was Not Revised Until Later

Contrary to baseless Republican claims that the Obama Administration’s remarks immediately following the Benghazi attacks attempted to cover up an... More

Who Supported Intervening in Libya? NATO Allies, Regional Partners, Democrats, and Republicans.

Now that we’re in the thick of political season, Republicans haven’t hesitated to attack Hillary Clinton over the United States’... More

Clinton: Congress Must Finish the Job on Benghazi Reports Recommendations to Improve Diplomatic Security

After the Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton established a nonpartisan Accountability Review Board to examine what happened. She accepted all 29... More

The House Benghazi Committee’s Investigation Is a Purely Partisan Exercise

It has long been apparent that the Select Committee on Benghazi is a taxpayer-funded attack vehicle targeting Hillary Clinton.  Recently,... More

Under Clinton’s State Department, Embassy Security Was a Top Priority

Contending with the reality of reduced budgets in a period of increased diplomatic demands, Hillary Clinton’s State Department made the... More

In Libya, Clinton Worked With Our Allies to Stand Up to a Murderous Dictator

In 2011, Libya was at the mercy of a murderous dictator with American blood on his hands. He was massacring... More

Hillary Clinton’s Record of Leadership

As Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady, Hillary Clinton has always worked to counter threats to the United States,... More

Hillary Clinton: Building Coalitions to Tackle Tough Issues

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton worked tirelessly to restore America’s leadership and relationships around the world after they were... More

Hillary Clinton: Wall Street Should Work for Main Street

Hillary Clinton put forward a plan to help ensure that middle class families never again have to bail out Wall... More

Republicans Agree: Let Wall Street Write Its Own Rules Again

They would weaken, if not repeal, key financial reforms and go back to the days of Wall Street speculators seeking... More

15 Reactions to Read About Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Rein in Wall Street

Responding to her plan, key progressives, analysts and reformers have summed it up as “comprehensive” and as showing Clinton “at... More

16 Key Advocates and Reformers Support Clinton’s Reforms to Tackle Gun Violence

On Monday, Hillary Clinton outlined a set of commonsense reforms to tackle gun violence that she would seek to enact... More

Hillary Clinton Believes It’s Time to Act on Gun Violence

America simply cannot accept as “normal” 30,000 gun deaths every year. The vast majority of the American people – including... More

Jeb Bush Proposes Big Polluter Wishlist as ‘Energy Plan’

His plan follows other positions he’s taken in this campaign which would set back our progress on developing clean energy... More

GOP Candidates Stand with House Republicans in Attacking PPFA; Hillary Clinton Stands With Women

As part of yet another desperate attempt by the GOP field to defund Planned Parenthood and attack a woman’s right... More

Trump Becomes Latest GOPer to Propose Massive Tax Cuts for Top 1%

Another week, another Republican promising a different kind of tax cut and offering more of the same. Today Donald Trump... More

Republicans Get It Wrong on China and Climate Change

There are two kinds of Republican presidential candidates: climate deniers, and climate defeatists. More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Lowering Out-of-Pocket Health Care Costs

Hillary Clinton has defined the central economic challenge of our time as getting incomes rising for hard-working Americans. But for... More

Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Modernizing North American Energy Infrastructure

As we invest in modernizing the United States’ energy infrastructure, we need to do so as part of a continent-wide... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

Hillary Clinton believes we need to get incomes rising so American families can afford a middle class life. But too... More

Scott Walker and the GOP’s War on Workers’ Rights

In Wisconsin, Scott Walker made his name by vilifying labor and leading an assault on workers' rights. Now, he's hoping... More

In John Kasich and Scott Walker’s Backyards, A Reminder of Who Is Fighting for Women

Hillary Clinton has a lifelong record of fighting for women and girls. Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidates like John Kasich and... More

Hillary Clinton: Consistent, Tough, and Effective Leadership to Counter Threats from Iran

Hillary Clinton has led the international effort to counter Iran's support for terrorism, stop its destabilizing role in the Middle... More

Hillary Clinton and Israel: A 30-Year Record of Friendship, Leadership, and Strength

Hillary Clinton has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Israel’s security and the importance of America's bond with Israel. She is... More

The GOP’s Dangerous Iran Antics

In lieu of a viable alternative to the deal, top Republicans candidates have largely resorted to dangerous gamesmanship. More

On Campaign Finance, Republicans Fight for the Wealthy and Well-Connected

While Hillary fights to return balance to a system that's skewed in favor of the wealthy and well-connected, her Republican... More

Hillary Clinton’s Proposals to Restore Integrity to American Elections

Hillary Clinton has made revitalization of our democracy a key pillar of her campaign. She will fight to ensure that... More

The GOP versus Women

Hillary Clinton's record and policies stand in stark contrast with the Republican field’s extreme, out-of-touch and out-of-date positions. More

Hillary Clinton: A Fighter for Women and Girls

Hillary Clinton has been fighting for women and girls her entire career—and she's not going to stop now. In fact,... More

Hillary Clinton’s Initiative to Combat America’s Deadly Epidemic of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a national epidemic and our nation is failing to address it. Hillary Clinton is making... More

On Tackling Gun Violence: GOP Panders to NRA, Clinton Pushes Commonsense Reform

With too many tragic shootings happening around the country, the Republican candidates have argued against efforts to tackle gun violence... More

Scott Walker’s “Foreign Policy Experience”

From weak analogies comparing nuclear inspections in Iran to a teenage boy’s bedroom to a disastrous overseas trip, Walker’s foreign... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for a Vibrant Rural America

Clinton's focus on strengthening rural America for the next generation focuses on four key areas. More

Hillary Clinton versus the GOP on Boosting Rural America

Hillary Clinton laid out a sweeping plan to help boost rural communities, which play critical roles in the strength of... More

La Nueva Iniciativa Universitaria de Hillary Clinton

Los costos no serán un obstáculo. La deuda estudiantil no te detendrá. More

7 Other Names Republicans Should Consider Using for Children of Immigrants

Today, Jeb Bush doubled down on his use of the offensive term “anchor babies” to describe the children of immigrants.... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan: A New Foundation for National Service

Last week, Hillary Clinton announced her New College Compact, a plan that makes a simple promise to all Americans who... More

Republican Presidential Candidates’ Education Agenda is Bad for Students

Republican presidential candidates are in New Hampshire today talking about education in America. The problem is—their failed agenda is one... More

Hillary Clinton’s New College Compact: A Two-Generation Approach

Working Together to Support Parents In College & Their Children More

Hillary Clinton’s New College Compact Benefits Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

Hillary Clinton knows the critical role that HBCUs play in extending opportunity to underserved students. The New College Compact will... More

Hillary Clinton versus Republicans’ Backward Priorities on College Affordability

Hillary Clinton proposed a sweeping vision to transform higher education and waging this fight for her entire career. Republicans, however,... More

Hillary Clinton’s New College Compact

Costs won't be a barrier. Debt won't hold you back. More

College Compact: Costs Won’t Be a Barrier

Lifting incomes for working Americans is the defining economic challenge of our time. And to raise wages, there is no... More

College Compact: Debt Won’t Hold You Back

All of this debt is not just unfair to borrowers: It holds all of us back. It discourages borrowers from... More

First Debate Offers a Preview of the Same Throwback Policies We’ll Hear In the Main Event

The lower-tier candidates are not the exception; they are the rule. Here’s where the Republicans in the main event stand... More

Hillary Clinton vs. Republicans on LGBT Rights – A Sharp Contrast

When it comes to Hillary Clinton and the Republicans on marriage equality, the choice could not be more clear. More

As Republicans Fearmonger on Iran, Hillary Clinton Charts a Responsible Course

Hillary Clinton charts a responsible course on Iran. More

Get the Facts on Where Republican Candidates Stand on Defunding Planned Parenthood

With threats to cut funds for vital healthcare services, Republicans are again playing politics with women's health. More

With Cuba, A Choice Between Forward And Backward

Fifty-four years of isolationism has strengthened the Castro regime's grip on power, not crippled it. It's time to start empowering... More

When It Comes to Climate Change, GOP Candidates are the Mad Not-A-Scientists

While Clinton charts a bold course of action, Republicans are burying their heads in the sand on this global challenge.... More

Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Renewable Power

Hillary Clinton announced two bold national goals that she will set as president to combat climate change, create jobs, protect... More

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Break Free from The Tyranny of Today’s Earnings Report and Encourage Long-Term Growth

Last week, Hillary Clinton defined in clear terms the central economic challenge of our time: raising incomes for hard-working Americans... More

Who Would Phase Out Medicare? Too Many Republicans

Jeb Bush said he wanted to “phase out” Medicare but he is not the only Republican who is wrong on... More

Par for the Course: Republicans on Women’s Health

As outrageous as Scott Walker sounds, it's actually par for the course for the current crop of Republican presidential candidates.... More

Republicans Have Praised Hillary Clinton’s Secretary Of State Tenure

Many of the same Republicans now attacking Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State offered praise for her excellent performance... More

Snapshot of Hillary Clinton’s Record as Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton's tenure is marked by significant accomplishments, from building a powerful global sanctions regime against Iran, to brokering a... More

Clinton’s Plan for a Profit Sharing Tax Credit

Today in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton outlined one idea to address a key economic challenge: encouraging companies to share their... More

Updated: The Facts About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

We've put all of the facts regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails during her tenure at the State Department in one place... More

Where do the Republicans really stand on immigration?

Donald Trump has become a top-tier candidate for the Republican nomination, but his rise in the polls has been accompanied... More

Hillary Clinton’s Fight to Expand Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care

Hillary Clinton’s response to the King v. Burwell case, as well as the details showing the stark contrast with Republicans.... More

Hillary Clinton’s Workforce and Skills Agenda

In South Carolina, Hillary Clinton held a forum at Trident Technical College in North Charleston to discuss the need for... More

Hillary Clinton Calls For Universal Preschool for America’s Children

At an early childhood event in Rochester, New Hampshire today, Hillary Clinton called for universal preschool for all of America’s... More

Voting Rights: A Cause Championed Throughout Hillary Clinton’s Career

In a speech in Houston today, Hillary Clinton laid out her vision for how to expand access to the ballot... More

Hillary Clinton: An Unequivocal Champion for Equal Pay

As she travels to South Carolina, Hillary Clinton continues to argue that the deck is stacked for those at the... More

Hillary Clinton’s Fought for Children and Families Her Entire Career

Hillary Clinton knows that finding high quality, affordable, flexible childcare is more important than ever with many families needing two... More

Hillary Clinton Aims to be the “Small Business President”

Get the facts on Hillary Clinton's record on small business and how she will be the small business president. More

Hillary Clinton Builds on Long Record of Fighting for Immigration Reform

Hillary Clinton made clear that we cannot wait any longer for comprehensive immigration reform. Any comprehensive proposal, she said, must... More